Here at Crimson & Clover, we know that working with flowers can be fun but is a lot of hard work. We are creative, driven, motivated, open-minded, passionate, fun, and friendly. We are accepting applications on an ongoing basis for a variety of positions. Enter more information below if you are interested in joining our team.

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Tell us about yourself.
I prefer total creative freedom versus following a template.
I work better in a team than on my own.
I welcome open criticism and feedback, when necessary.
I am comfortable offering criticism and feedback, when necessary.
I want to work at a flower shop because of the weddings.
Cleaning stacks of buckets is rewarding.
I am good at making decisions on the fly.
I would rather be up and moving around rather than sitting around all day.
While working on a project, I would cut corners and stay on schedule than take my time to make it perfect.
I am usually the quiet one at work.
Making a mess is part of the creative process.
Perfectly labeled and color coded, Martha Stewart-inspired organizing get me excited!
Nail care is important to me.
I love doing long tedious, mindless work.
I have been known to break out in song while working.
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What kind of availability do you have? Are you looking for specific days/times? What would be your available start date? Are there any dates in the next 3 months that you know you will not be available?
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