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Weddings & Events


With over 15 years of experience, Crimson & Clover has made a name for itself with consistently exquisite event creations. From thoughtfully crafted details, uniquely stylized centerpieces, and custom installations, all is done with infinite attention to detail. Our designs are well-conceived, stylish, and beautifully proportioned to suit each client’s needs. There are no “bridal packages” at Crimson & Clover, every event is custom designed with the client, style, and budget in mind.

Our full-service events begin at $4000 plus delivery and service fees.  Decor such as large-scale installations and ceremony backdrops, as well as centerpieces with multiple components, require a designer on-site to execute. For client's with budgets below $4000, we can provide a simple delivery service. Confirm with your venue's guidelines to see if an on-site designer is required for your decor. 

Clients planning an upcoming event begin at our design studio with a personal floral consultant. Carefully considering a client’s color palette, style, setting, floral preferences, and budget, our design professionals conceptualize a perfect floral scheme for your wedding. Our dedication to flowers is obvious, we dream about them!